Charges for Online Shooting Permission by single window Systems for Film Development Corporation

Charges for Film Shooting
S.No Park Permission Charges for 4hours Deposit for 4 hours Charges for 8 hours Security Deposit for 8 hours
01 Lumbini Park Rs.16,000/-+GST 18% Rs.15,000/- Rs.30,000/-+GST 18% Rs.30,000/-
02 Necklace road Rs.10,000/-+GST 18% Rs.15,000/- Rs.20,000/-+GST 18% Rs.30,000/-
03 Sanjeevaiah Park Rs.17,500/-+GST 18% Rs.15,000/- Rs.35,000/-+GST 18% Rs.30,000/-

Lumbini Park Entry Fee Rs.5,000/-+GST 18%(Entry Fee from Lumbini Park).
                                          Rs.5,000/-(Security Deposit)

Note1:Charges will be Doubled For Night Time Shootings.

Note2: Nodal Officer at BPP: Sri. M. Shyam Sunder, Administrative/Internal Audit Officer and Contact no.9154806357S

BPP Online Booking(Necklace Road,People's Plaza,Party Zone)