About HMDA

The Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) was formed by an Act (G.O.Ms.No.570 MA & UD (I1) Dept., dt.25.08.2008) of the then combined state of Andhra Pradesh Government in the year 2008, with an area of 7,257 Sq Km under its purview. HMDA jurisdiction covers (7) Districts, (70) Mandals, 1032 Villages including Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation consisting of 175 Villages and 40 Municipalities / Nagar Panchayats consisting of 138 villages and remaining 719 Villages under jurisdiction of the HMDA.

HMDA was set up for the purpose of planning, co-ordination, supervising, promoting and securing the planned development of the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region. It coordinates the development activities of the municipal corporations, municipalities and other local authorities, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply & Sewerage Board, the Telangana Transmission Corporation, the Telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation, the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation, and other such bodies.


       The role and primary functions of HMDA:
  • Prepartion of Metropolitan plan

  • To Undertake Preparation of Metropolitan Development and investment Plan, Revision of the plan and prioritize the implementation of the said plan.

  • To Undertake Execution of projects and schemes as per said plan and / or through action plan for any sector or area of the metropolitan region.

  • An apex body for coordination, execution of the projects or schemes for the planned development of the development areas and undertake such other measures in the metropolitan region.

  • To co-ordinate the development activities of the Municipal Corporation, Municipalities and other local authorities, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, the telangana Transmission Corporation, telangana Industrial Infrastructure Corporation, the telangana State Road Transport Corporation and such other bodies as are connected with development activities in the Hyderabad Metropolitan Region.

  • To monitor, supervise or ensure adequate supervision over the execution of any project or scheme, the expenses of which in whole or in part are to be met from the Metropolitan Development Fund.

  • To prepare and undertake implementation of schemes for providing alternative areas for rehabilitation of persons displaced by projects and schemes which provide for such requirements.

  • To maintain and manage the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Fund and allocate finances based on the plans and programmes of the local bodies for undertaking Development of amenities and infrastructure facilities and to monitor and exercise financial control over the budgetary allocations concerning development works made through it to he various public agencies, local bodies and other agencies.

  • To undertake by itself or through any agency, the implementation of the area level plans, execution of works relating to infrastructure development, public amenities and conservation of the environment

  • To create and manage the Hyderabad Metropolitan Land Development Bank and take up land acquisition every year as may be necessary for various public uses, township development, infrastructure development, etc.

  • Allocation of lands to local bodies and public agencies upon such terms and conditions for undertaking development of amenities and infrastructure facilities.

  • To approve the land acquisition programmes /proposals of the local authorities, other Departments and functional agencies in the metropolitan region.

  • To enter into contracts, agreements or arrangements with any person, body or organization as the Committee may deem necessary for the performance of its functions.

  • To acquire any movable or immovable property by purchase. exchange, gift, lease, mortgage, negotiated settlement, or by any other means permissible under any law.

  • To perform any other function or exercise powers as are supplemental, incidental or consequential to any of the foregoing duties and powers and I or take up such matters as the Government may direct in this regard.